I have been pretty lucky in my lifetime to have never been arrested. I can tell you this without hesitation, that I would go crazy if I was behind bars. I found out a long time ago that I have a fear of "closed-in places - Claustrophobia. The average prison cell is 6 by 8 feet. You are closed in, shut down, stuck. Your movements are minimal. When you are locked up and doing time, how is it possible to stay positive and to NOT give up in life?

Now imagine you have been in prison for almost 37 years for a crime you DID NOT COMMIT. Archie Williams is 59 years old, he was arrested at the age of 22, charged with rape. He was led into a police line-up, where he was falsely picked out as the perpetrator. Now in William's defense, he had three witnesses identify him at another location, on the exact time of the assault. STILL, that was not enough to prove his innocence. Keep in mind that the tools of DNA were not available back then.

Behind the cold dark walls, a convicted prisoner lived FREE in his mind. Archie refused to collapse, to surrender, he was not broken. A wonderful nonprofit organization called The Innocence Project worked for more than ten years to gain freedom and clear Mr. Williams of any wrongdoing. Finally, after a series of tests done by the FBI, the so-called fingerprints that were lifted at the scene of the violent rape that sent Archie away, today's technology directed the prints to a serial rapist at the time, and it MATCHED.

Now imagine what it's like to suddenly be free, to walk outside and smell the outside world. The strength of this man is incredible, and to somehow try and wrap-up this real-life horror story turned into a fairytale, watch what happens when Archie Williams walks out on stage to deliver a powerful performance in front of the whole nation. What a lesson in life, your mind is strong, and you can endure through the depths of hell.


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