Colin Cowherd - A Model Moron.
Look I get it, some days are slow, not a whole lot of new stories to report on. Maybe last night's football game was a one-sided blowout with no drama whatsoever. You come to work knowing you have to fill like a half-hour or hour on the air - so what do you do...
Check Out Ellen's Painful Monologue.
Pretty hard to believe summer has come and gone, just the other day it was 100 degrees and nightfall didn't drop into Bismarck until like 1:00 am ( well maybe like 10:00 pm ), for just a few people it seemed summer was their worst enemy. One of those folks is television talk show host Ellen Deg…
Eagles Stumble To Victory
The Eagles opened the season with an 18 - 12 win over Atlanta in an opener that offered a number of moments reminiscent of the team's climb to Super Bowl victory last winter.

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