I've been telling everyone that summer doesn't officially begin until you and three of your friends are drifting down the river on an Open Water Marine Pontoon! So get ready to party with us and be a hero to your three friends. The fun has begun last! We will have two more, one this month and one in August. Simply fill out the information we need down below. Check it out, in this contest, if you win, you and three of your friends will meet up with us on our next outing - at our official launch party site - THE PIER BAR & GRILL!  A few pre-pontoon drinks, and off we will go to have a blast on an OPEN WATER MARINE PONTOON.  There will be a cooler filled with your favorite beverages! This isn't just a one-and-done deal, we will also have our Fox River Rock Pontoon Party this month and August ( Dates to be determined ). So let's recap what's in store for you, first make sure you enter all the information we need ( the form is on this page following this exciting news flash ), then keep your fingers crossed and hope you WIN, and finally, be thinking of three friends you want to share this party with - REMEMBER this - we are not at fault if one of your friends becomes moody and pushes you or anyone else off the pontoon. Safety, of course, is our number one concern. Do us a huge favor, tell us WHY you feel you should be part of the party! I want to hear the enthusiasm!

The party of the summer has begun - Our Fox River Rock Pontoon Party - Dates will be announced for July and August soon - The launch party site - The Pier Bar & Grill.