What a glorious day to wrap-up our Fox River Rock Pontoon Parties - a picture-perfect day in the low 80's. Our first stop as always, the Pre-Launch Party at The Pier Bar and Grill - Tiffany ( The Owner ) was there with her usual warm smile. We took up a table by the window and proceeded to broadcast live, as the carp fish swam below dining on cheese balls compliments from the loving hands of Becky and several others from the restaurant. Although the summer is fading, The Pier Bar and Grill are open almost all year. Happy Hours 3-6 pm- kitchen hours 11 am-10 pm daily. This is a place that makes you feel welcome the second you walk in, with terrific food and people that treat you like a family member. Kelsey ( our winner of the Fox River Rock Pontoon Party ) and her husband Alex joined us and off we walked down the ramp to our own Open Water Marine Pontoon ( for at least a couple of hours ) as Shawn the owner was there to welcome us all on board.

This second half of our Saturday is an experience that anyone can enjoy, and have your own party on - I'll get to that in a minute, we had a full crew with about 10 people drift away from the dock of the restaurant, and slowly made our way out onto the river - with a full cooler of adult beverages on-board for everybody, provided by Shawn. Our very own Kori B. from Hot 97.5 and her friend Carissa were among all of our Pontoon pals. While gliding along the water, feeling the wind and mist, Shawn told me how affordable it is to rent a Pontoon from him for the full day - ONLY $250 dollars. That's it. Get this, you can even bring a barbeque on board, now that's living! Give Shawn a call at 1-701-214-0425 - Open Water Marine Pontoon. After a relaxing two and a half hours we came back to The Pier Bar and Grill and called it a day. What a summer, and thank you so much to all the staff at The Pier Bar and Grill for all the hospitality for our three Fox River Rock Pontoon Parties! A gigantic thanks to Shawn and his Open Water Marine Pontoon giving us all such a wonderful day. We'll all meet up again next summer!