For those old enough to remember 'Candid Camera', which aired way back in the 60's, the staple of this program was to show certain set-up scenarios, captured by a hidden camera. We all laughed, watching someone chase a ten dollar bill ( attached to an invisible wire ) tumbling down the sidewalk. The main star ( an innocent bystander ) was just an ordinary person, going about their extra ordinary life.

This show had a trillion different ways of fooling people, with the television audience being the true winners-laughing at all of their reactions. As we advanced in modern technology, their seemed to be a camera visible, or hidden EVERYWHERE, for many different reasons. The scary thing though is this, when a photo/video shooting instrument gets in the wrong hands, things can get ugly. Such the case with a local Bismarck resident, whom has pleaded guilty to serious charges of wrong doing. The really disturbing part is, that these kinds of incidents could happen anywhere. Read about it here.