You fetched the paper for your dog this morning and he couldn't believe his out-of-proportion pug eyes, when he read the news:



Yep, KFYR-TV is reporting Mandan City Commissioners have drawn up a new ordinance banning the use of fireworks in the city  on July 2nd.  So starting in 2021,  lighting fireworks will only be legal in Mandan city limits on July 3rd and 4th.  They also reduced the times to noon to midnight on both July 3rd and 4th.  Years past you could light off your fireworks until 2 AM the morning of July 5th.  I know that it's still many months away, but you'll want to remember that time change as fines will also increase in 2021.

This is great news for dogs, as that's one less day spent under the bed.  It's also good news for service members suffering from PTSD and for the community members who don't give a hoot about fireworks and the mess that they make.

I moved here to Mandan in 2001 and let me tell ya, back then it wasn't just July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th that you could blow up stuff, no sir-I seem to recall it being like a two week long period. I could be mistaken, maybe it was more like just one week. But every evening sounded just like the opening beach invasion scene from the movie Saving Private Ryan.

I know Bismarck's considering putting some sort of ordinance to legalize fireworks on the 4th up for public vote.  Knowing the Bismarck sensibilities towards fireworks ,I can only speculate it'll be something like July 4th only and only between 6PM-7PM.

But we'll see.