How much of yourself do you put into your job? Do you come to work dreading every second? There are countless people who HATE their job with a passion, the ONLY reason they are still there-It pays the bills. The key to life, in my opinion, is to love what you do for a living.

When you are in the public eye, pretty much everything you do is captured for all to judge. Let's take Chris Matthews for instance. The host of 'Hardball' for the past 20 years was recently given the "See you later, take a hike" from MSNBC. Several insiders speculate that the network finally had enough of him. Will that dismissal of Matthews turn around and snakebite them? Only time will tell on that.

Mr. Matthews loved his job, his whole life pretty much centered around his career. He was known for some very controversial moments, which television thrives around. There is more to this story, check it out here