Yes, you read that correctly, no misprints with us, we want you to WIN a Medora Vacation - with all the fixings ( Over a $600 value ). You'll have to test your Classic Rock knowledge though! Starting tomorrow at 2:20 pm - Bromo's 30 Second Classic Rock Challenge - Just have your ears glued to us and get ready! There will be 7 classic rock songs, you'll have 30 seconds to give me the titles of each tune as soon as you hear them. "Easy-Peasy", you say? Maybe, but don't let the pressure get to you, after all, you'll have to average just over 4 seconds per song and get all 7 titles correct before you start making plans to travel to Medora. Remember now, this all kicks off tomorrow at 2:20 in the afternoon and if for some crazy reason the first contestant FAILS, we'll play again at 3:20, then at 5:20 if Bromo's 30 Second Classic Rock Challenge has not been conquered. Just one tiny tip for you, if you really want to be out at beautiful Medora, maybe playing a little golf at Bully Pulpit, or if you just want to experience the famous pitchfork fondue - then be listening for the 7 songs during the contest, take notes whatever, but be ready if someone doesn't win because the next time you just might be the one on the other end of the phone - NO PRESSURE!! Once again, your times for Bromo's 30 Second Classic Rock Challenge are 2:20/3:20 and 5:20 in the afternoon - Starting tomorrow!! Good luck.

96-5 The Fox is your station for the Best Classic Rock in Town, we are proud to be a part of Bike night 2020, and we love having you with us and being part of our lives!

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