And North Dakota will politely say "You're Welcome"!

We all know North Dakota is an agricultural powerhouse and we've got a pretty impressive energy resume as well.  But there are some items we contributed that North Dakota should also get credit for...



That's truly just the tip of the iceberg- heck, we brought the world Lawrence Welk and Angie Dickinson. We've cursed the Eagles with Carson Wentz (just kidding! I hope...).  But rightfully so, we're known for providing pasta for your mac and cheese and bacon for your BLT.

As one of the planet's all time great producers, we make it- other people take it.

I mean, they pay for it first.  We ain't that North Dakota Nice.

Looks we're heading back to once again being the top sunflower producer.  According to the Williston Herald, if estimates deliver, our sunflower output could be up 60% over last year!  Soybeans are on the rise as well. We kick butt in so many crops...I'll let the USDA explain it from 2017-

North Dakota led the nation in the production of all dry edible beans, navy beans, pinto beans, canola, flaxseed, honey, dry edible peas, Durum wheat, and spring wheat. North Dakota was the No.2 producer of lentils, black beans, great northern beans, all wheat, and sunflowers. As if that isn’t impressive enough, North Dakota was in the top five for the production of several other crops as well.

Hey we're number three in sugar beets and number four in potatoes.  No small potatoes indeed.

You're Welcome!

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