In honor of Father's Day, the folks over at WalletHub ranked 2015's best and worst states for working dads. So, where does North Dakota land on the list?

WalletHub looked at four different criteria to put together their list: 'Economic and Social Well-Being,' 'Health,' 'Work-Life Balance,' and 'Child Care.'

According to WalletHub's ranking, North Dakota is the 12th best state for working dads in the country, thanks to a high 'Economic and Social Well-Being' rank and a high 'Child Care' rank.

But, who topped the list? Minnesota, which had relatively high rankings across the board. Mississippi, on the other hand, came in dead last, ranking near or at the bottom in three of the four categories.

Want to know where your state ranks? Check out the map below or visit WalletHub HERE:

Source: WalletHub