What is the one thing that puts a damper on Halloween in North Dakota every year?

I love everything about spooky season (except pumpkin spice). And the drizzly weather is best for blankets, scary movies, and wine. But the one thing that grinds my gears about this exact time of year is how cold it always is on Halloween. For those of you who have been here a minute, do you remember a Halloween where you did not have to dress up in layers just to trick-or-treat or go out? I certainly do not remember one.


Can you think of a time you did not have to bundle up to trick-or-treat?

I do not think I ever had a costume that worked with a coat. Growing up, I was Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, a pirate, a mermaid, and the green M&M to name some of my best costumes from childhood. And every single one of those poor costumes was hidden by bulky winter jackets. I think I have had exactly three Halloweens where I was not forced to bundle up. And none of those Halloweens were spent in North Dakota.


Can North Dakotans get a warm Halloween at least once in a while?

I always have a little hope that Halloween will be warm. And it looks like Bismarck will be around 60 degrees on All Hallows' Eve. But the weather has flipped a switch all these other years, that I do not want to hold my breath over the chance of it actually being warm this weekend.