It's a pretty simple question: Today is your funeral. What song is playing as they lower your body?

I posted the above meme to my Facebook page earlier today and asked my friends for their answers.

Here are some of my favorite classic rock entries:

1.) THE ROLLING STONES - 'WILD HORSES" (from Debbi Grundy Dixon)

2.) QUEEN - "ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST" (from C. Bahr, L. Moore, B. Ribble)

3.) ALICE IN CHAINS - "DOWN IN A HOLE" (from Seth Helgaster)

4.) METALLICA - "FADE TO BLACK" (from H. Irwin, K. Berner)

5.) KANSAS - "DUST IN THE WIND" (from T. Talicska, T. Moore)

So, what would yours be? Leave a comment below.