I have not made it a secret that I have been trying to buy a PlayStation 5

Ever since this impossible console came out last November, my quest, my goal was to have one sitting pretty in my living room. The problem is, that half the country seems to have the same idea. The infamous PlayStation 5 is out there, I know it is. My friend has one. I know of many people here in BisMan that have paid triple the cost to get their hands on one. Just last September, I saw on Facebook a "So-called" company that had 2 PS5's left. Without doing any research, I put in my credit card number and bought one. One more problem, I got ripped off. Long story short, the phantom business was just a ruse.

A TikTok video of a ton of PlayStation 5's In a Walmart warehouse

About a week and a half ago, I came across a short TikTok video teasing me like a carrot in front of a rabbit. There must have been at least a thousand PS5 consoles stacked upon each other in the back of what looked like a Walmart warehouse.

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Yesterday my heart rate soared

It was a typical Monday afternoon until my friend sent me a text about Walmart selling PlayStation 5's at 3:00 pm East Coast Time. I was on it immediately. Set my phone alarm, and right at 2:00 BisMan, It WAS TIME!!! If you have tried this before, you know how it works. I got in! Take a look:


It was now a waiting game. I patiently sat there and stared at the screen. Watching the timer click off the minutes. Every now and then, you would be asked to click on something that proves I am a human ( I qualified ) and not a bot I guess. You can't believe the emotions that were going on in my head, I am FINALLY going to reserve MY PlayStation 5, the holy grail of consoles. 16, 15, 14, 13, 12.....the minutes came down to this:


YES, the last 60 seconds to glory. I held my breath, fingers and legs crossed. THIS minute dragged on like an awful first date. I wondered why this was taking so long, without thinking I guided the mouse to the top left-hand corner and hit the refresh circle:


I froze, I reacted ( my scream was heard out in Bottineau. As I wept like a boy whose kite snapped and was swept off to never-never land, I tried a zillion times over to get back in, and all for naught. My last word to all the people here in Bismarck/Mandan that successfully were able to buy a PS 5 yesterday online at Walmart - "LUCKY!!!!"

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