A local sporting event back on September 12th went from an evening out watching exciting youth football, to life and death drama. A local elderly man in the stands was watching all the kids go through their pre-game warm-ups when suddenly he suffered a heart attack. The angels were present that night as a North Dakota Highway Patrol officer Lt. Steve Johnson, who was off-duty, raced over to the gentleman, along with George Huff - an off-duty Bismarck police officer. In that quick time span, a fan called 911 while Sgt. Derek Arndt of the NDHP ran to his vehicle to obtain his Automated External Defibrillator. In a scary two minute window, they had everything set-up and went to work after the victim's collapse, administering chest compressions in between AED multiple shocks. Other off-duty police officers were helping out with crowd control, and key moments of taking great care in calming several young children who observed the whole incident.

   KFYR reported back on September 14th  Metro Area Ambulance transported the man to the hospital, where he was later told the response of the troopers and officers saved his life, said Commissioner Nolan Canright.“The heroic actions of these law enforcement officers, who already spend many hours volunteering as coaches and mentors in our youth football organization, was witnessed by hundreds of fans and children in the area,” said Canright.

The Bismarck City Commission did a wonderful thing yesterday and honored several law enforcement officers ( seven total ) for their tremendous efforts. Our Bismarck Mayor Steve Bakken said it perfectly “Our law enforcement officers work 24/7 both on and off duty to protect the lives and public safety of our citizens every day. As a community, we are extremely fortunate to experience this level of dedication and service.” For more on this story click here.