This compilation of underrated bands was put together by Nick Steinberg, his article titled The Most Underrated Classic Rock Band of All-time, no doubt this will for sure cause some arguments among all the so-called-music-experts out there. I'll post the full article so you can check out some other bands he has on his list, especially number 25, that will definitely throw you a curve. This list just goes to show you that major bands like the Beatles, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin dominated their competition and the lesser-known talented groups could never get off the ground. Some of Nick's picks though cause me to disagree, for instance, the band Squeeze. To me, every part of this band screams out lame alternative.....well NOT rock and roll. I may be just a tad opposed due to my horror story from an incident in 1987. I was stuck in a vehicle that had a radio busted, although the tape deck worked fine - for 215 miles one-way, this clown that was driving only had one cassette tape - yep you got it, Squeeze 45's and under. A compilation of crap. After that round trip of sheer hell, I wanted nothing better than throwing that cassette UNDER his tire.

The beauty of music is that everyone has an opinion of what rocks and what doesn't. The real gems, the bands loaded with talent that couldn't catch a break is always sad, and then there are those that were poorly managed. For more on this, and the whole list, click here.

Top 10 Underrated Classic Rock Bands