The way I measure the size of a town is simple, How many Starbucks are there in your city? That gauge might not be too accurate, but it at least gives me a hint, in a mocha-grande kind of way.

I am from a very large city (San Diego,Ca), I moved to Fargo about six years ago, spent the last five years in Minot, and here I am. The big city life, to an easier, more laid back environment. I love it.

I realize that for some, people seek out adventure, more challenges if you will. I hear others say "I wish there was more to do". I have an answer for that.

Time to make a change, so pack up your belongings and head out to a planet just a mere 124 light-years away from North Dakota.You might have to wait awhile until a Taco John's is built, but hey it's a perfect get-away.

There are plenty of goofy scientists (some who wear a bow tie) who are always on the hunt for us humans to live somewhere else. This could be it. Maybe even one day soon, you and Bill Nye the Science Guy, will be neighbors! For more on this inviting story click here.