The wonderful world of music, from all genres. There are the established and the "up and comers". There is no reason or ryhme why certain artists appeal to others. The Beatles, a band that was formed in 1957 in Liverpool, United Kingdom, they cut their first studio album in 1963, came out to the United States in 1964 and became superstars "overnight". To this day, their rock and roll music still sells.

A 13 year old Billie Eilish uploaded a song called "Ocean Eyes" to Soundcloud, and saw it explode almost overnight-going viral everywhere. She is now an 18 year old accomplished performer. With today's social media power, her style of music has attracted thousands of fans, one of them is 77 year old Paul McCartney-Yes the same guy who took the Beatles to stardom.His daughter designed one of the items Billie wore at a concert. Paul became impressed with her talents after finding out that Eilish and her brother created several of their songs in their bedroom.

The legend and today's monster star have kept in touch through Face Time-The beauty of this whole scenario is, maybe one day soon, we'll be listening to these two icons singing together. That's why music will never die. More on this click here.

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