10 Celebrities Who Were Once Strippers
There are a number of celebrities—good looking ones too—who, in the past, have performed on stage for a different profession than which they are currently employed. Exotic dancers, strippers, burlesque dancers, whatever you want to call them, these girls have done it, and have probabl…
Strippers can get unemployment
The economy has been difficult for everyone, including exotic dancers. One stripper in Kansas filed an unemployment claim back in 2005 and the case went all the way to the Kansas Supreme Court! Well, the court decided yesterday that...Yes, strippers can file for unemployment.
Enjoy “A Tribute To Movie Strippers” [VIDEO]
Who doesn't love strippers? I know I do...And movie strippers are even better because it's famous girls taking their clothes off! Thanks to our friends at, we can now enjoy all of our favorite movie strippers, like Amy Smart, Olivia Wilde, and Salma Hayek, in one five minute clip…