Larry King Passed Away On Saturday & Everyone Is Sharing Their Favorite Memories Of Him
Larry King died this past Saturday after being admitted into a hospital because of COVID-19, and everyone on social media has been sharing their favorite moments and memories of the 'broadcasting giant.' Larry King on Conan: Here's King talking about his earlier radio days: And who could forget this incredible moment with Jerry Seinfeld: Source: Hollywood Reporter, Digg, Barstool Sports, YouTube
Surprise! Radio Doesn’t Pay As Well As You Think
I've worked in radio now for close to 10 years and one of my favorite things to hear is peoples thoughts on what working in radio is really like. According to some, I only work 5 hours a day, hang out with rockstars constantly, and make tons of cash. That couldn't be further from the truth and now, thanks to Forbes, I can give you a glimpse into my wallet to prove it.