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Jared Leto Confirms Joker’s Return, Calls ‘Bulls—’ on Crazy ‘Suicide Squad’ Method Acting Stories
It’s been a wild, wild week for the DCEU. First came the report on a new Joker origin story movie executive produced by Martin Scorsese and scripted by Todd Phillips, the man who puts the “Bro” in Warner Bros. But then WB topped themselves in the WTF department just one day later with news of a Joker and Harley Quinn romance film from the directors of Crazy Stupid Love. While Jared Leto won’t be participating in Scorsese’s bizarro origin film, the actor has confirmed his return for the Harley Quinn team-up, which has officially knocked Gotham City Sirens off the WB schedule (for now).
‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Assembles the Worst Heroes Ever
If you didn't tune into DC's big Dawn of the Justice League special tonight on The CW, then you missed the official debut of the new trailer for Suicide Squad. Lucky for you, the trailer has arrived online and the Worst Heroes Ever have assembled, joining forces to take down a threat much worse than all their villainous powers combined.
Leaked ‘Suicide Squad’ Comic-Con Trailer Now Available in HD
This past weekend at Comic-Con, fans attending the Batman vs. Superman panel were treated to an additional surprise: the entire cast of Suicide Squad appeared on stage (minus Jared Leto) and introduced our first ever look at footage from the upcoming supervillain film. Despite their pleas to not record any of the footage, someone of course did, and it leaked online shortly thereafter in a really crappy quality. Well, director David Ayer and Warner Bros. feel your pain and have decided to do the right thing and just release the whole trailer online.