Justice League

Rumor: An Early Cut of ‘Justice League’ Was Apparently ‘Unwatchable’
Man, I hope someone at Warner Bros. is diligently saving the countless emails being sent about Justice League right now, because this is going to make one heck of a documentary. In the past two days alone, we’ve heard Joe Morton describe the studio as altering the entire story of one of the film’s core characters and Ben Affleck admitting that Justice League’s dual directors make it unlike anything in Hollywood history. And now, at least one rumor is making the rounds that suggests that Justice League’s reshoots were a lot more necessary than the studio would have you believe.
Christian Bale Won’t Play Batman in ‘Justice League’
When 'The Dark Knight Rises' came out -- even though the film left the door open for a spin-off or sequel  -- Christian Bale was consistent in saying that he would only come back if Christopher Nolan was at the helm. And though Warner Brothers is trying to get 'Justice League' going and would love to have him back, Bale has just said he will not be returning to play Batman.
‘Justice League’ Movie: Christian Bale to Return as Batman?
For the past year, there's been one big question surrounding a potential 'Justice League' movie: how do you possibly compete with the likes of 'The Avengers'? Well, it looks like Warner Bros. may finally have a game plan: they want to bring back Christian Bale as Batman. And that's not all.