9 Annoying Celebs And 1 BUFFOON.
Well here it is.......a list of some people you may or may not like. I'm sure you are aware of everyone on this list, after all, they are what's known as Celebrities. They are in the limelight, the public eye, and that's a pretty scary thing...
Jim Carrey Gets Real Weird On GMA
Jim Carrey has always been an odd duck, but it seems the last few years he has somehow gotten even more strange. Good thing Michael Strahan has a cool sense of humor because Jim got a little up close and personal during a recent interview.
Source: ENews
Mike Tyson Flips Out On Canadian TV Show [FBHW]
Mike Tyson was on a Toronto news channel show Wednesday to promote his one-man show Wednesday night in Toronto.
While talking about the show, the subject shifted to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who has had his fair share of issues in the last year. First, he walked face-first into a TV camera.  Then, he a…

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