An onstage wardrobe malfunction that left Lenny Kravitz dangling in the breeze has prompted a flurry of online commentary — and a little good-natured teasing from Steven Tyler.

NME reports that Kravitz was partway through his set during his Aug. 3 appearance at the Gröna Lund theme park in Stockholm, Sweden, when his gyrations got the best of his pants, splitting the crotch open down the seam and exposing the audience to ... well, pretty much everything, really. Although Kravitz quickly covered himself up with his guitar and eventually exited the stage to change into a different outfit, you know how it is with concert audiences these days — everyone's got a camera.

Kravitz has taken the incident in good stride, however, and while Twitter was abuzz yesterday with jokes and GIFs, he used a text message from the Aerosmith frontman to prove he could see the humor in accidentally exposing himself to thousands — or, as he's dubbed it, "#penisgate."

Kravitz and Tyler go way back; as many Aerosmith fans will recall, Kravitz served as the opening act for most dates on the first leg of the band's 2005-06 Rockin' the Joint tour, and during the band's bumpy spell a while back, when Tyler was behind the American Idol judges' table and the rest of the group briefly contemplated lining up a new singer, Kravitz was at one point rumored to be in the running for the gig – an opportunity he publicly declined.

Kravitz has been touring behind his latest album, Strut, which cracked the Top 20 upon its release last year.

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