I have watched a ton of sports in my life. When I say "A Ton", it usually describes all my tears lost being a San Diego Padre fan. Yes, 99.9 % disappointment. When sports ends up center stage at the movie theaters, I go. I am there hoping to mask all my old awful memories of lousy teams, and heartache. I am there to watch drama, excitement etc.

Many times, a sports movie has made men and women cry. The movie RUDY is one of them, with a strategic sound bed of music, paired with true life ( or as close as they come to reenacting them ) events, that lure your emotions and tug at your heartstrings.

Here is a 17 year old special Olympic athlete that has become an inspiration overnight. The story you will read about, is almost a carbon copy of a full fledged motion picture-written, choreographed for sheer drama. However, this is an actual true story. A bit of a warning, be prepared for the chills, and tears. Check it out here.