I'm challenging Rockin' Rick Ryder, Mayorin' Steve Bakken, and Kasnsas City Chiefin' Dolly Dakota to join in the conversation as we all limp into an alleged football season. It could still happen right? Honestly, it seems impossible at this time- especially assuming College football just decides to move to the spring.

So the players union has voted to have NO preseason games what so ever. Many pundits are saying- when will Tom Brady feel out the new offense in Tampa Bay?  Well Tom Brady for darn sure is not playing one snap in a pre-season game with some 21 year old kid that needs to kill a GOAT to make the team. So the real loss is not working out the young guys and cutting positions to make the roster.

So what do we know about the 2020 Vikings?

Will star Running Back Dalvin Cook holdout? We got depth- we'll figure it out.

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Will we miss Stefon Diggs? Of course we will.

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Will Kirk Cousins be more elusive and less terrified? I hope so.

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So since we know sooo little about this season.

I'm gonna talk about John Randle

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HA!  It's Hall of Famer John Randle wrapping up the Gunslinger!

Just watch the short YouTube video...Regulators are coming! Then go on and watch all the clips of the very polite, but profane John Randle,  They never did make them like that and may never again.  John isn't even my favorite Viking, but it would have been unacceptable to hear anyone else talking about the head "Regulator"!  Here watch some more YouTube videos here, here, and here.

So if the season ever starts...at least we're talking about it!


And we still got Zimmy!  I don't care who you are...I STLL LIKE HIM!

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SKOL y'all.

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