Do you believe in karma? I do. My wish is that somewhere out at sea, there is a cruise ship full of dirt bags and scummy scam artists. Remember what the Titanic went through? I would love to see the same thing happen to those who feast on the old and naive, ripping off their hard earned savings.

The seedy, low-life cons are unfortunately everywhere, even attacking close to home. Bismarck police are warning us all of predators that attack, using the telephones and computers as their weapon. Just recently, a 74 year old woman was swindled out of $6,000, as she followed through with the thieves (who were posing as Microsoft employees) vile instructions.

The problem is, that trusting, elderly individuals fall prey to criminals. Police are trying to get the word out, that respected businesses will never ask for gift cards as payment. Here is hope, that my vision comes true. When that time comes, and the heartless jerks are slowly sinking, Celine Dion will be serenading them all.

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