To me, the movie 'Groundhog Day' was annoying. The whole concept, of waking up every morning, and going through the whole days events, EXACTLY like it was the day before etc, well I got the point quick. There are other ways of reliving things, have you ever had the same kind of dream, that comes keeps coming back? We all want the good dreams to keep playing out, and for us to forget about the bad.

Now on to what really matters, here in town, our commute. Most of us have it all figured out, we get up at a certain time, takes whatever minutes to get us all nice and pretty, then out the door to face the world. We take for granted our daily routine.

In a perfect world, or city, we zip around town without much delay. There is one word that can cause fear in all of us - the dreaded word POTHOLE. You drive over one of these, and you'll hope they get removed fairly quick. Check out what our city faces over one of these eye and tire sores. Read about it by clicking here.