As we dig out from an historic storm in Bismarck Mandan, remember it could be worse.  Parts of North East and North Central North Dakota had over 30 inches of snow.

It was a record-setting four-day fall snowstorm that finally moved out of North Dakota on Sunday, leaving behind record amounts of snow in some areas.

Bismarck got 17.1 inches of snow and set daily records for snowfall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday -- on Friday breaking a record that had stood more than a century, according to the National Weather Service. The 11.6 inches that fell between 7 a.m. Thursday and 7 a.m. Friday set a Bismarck record for one-day, 24-hour total snowfall in October.

I asked some of our listeners on facebook to submit their snowfall pictures and we got some amazing photos.

Now that's a pile!  Here's a picture sent in from Bismarck.

Here's another photo from Goodridge, North Dakota.

Even parts of South Dakota were hit hard.  Here's one from Herreid.

And yet another one from Lincoln.

Jamestown, North Dakota

and Linton, North Dakota

And finally Wilton, North Dakota.

Thank you to all of our listeners who shared photos on our facebook page!  Let's hope mother nature will relax for the rest of October.