Well one thing we are starting to find out, nobody is safe from the coronavirus. Professional athletes have caught it, we just learned last week that Tom Hanks and his wife were stricken . The virus shows no mercy, no prejudice, it keeps picking people apart. Never in my lifetime, have I heard the wise saying "WASH YOUR HANDS" more. Social media is larger than corona, false rumors are out there spreading much quicker.

When you have someone who is glamorized and doted over, a public figure if you will, we hope that when they speak, that they are half-way knowledgeable. Every word that's said, is captured by all to hear. Someone who has risen to the top of her field, Billie Eilish, recently was heard on one of her home videos, talking about the killer virus. When you can filter through several curse words, she actually does make sense. Her points are well valid, and maybe can help teach a younger audience to respect the coronavirus. For more on this, click here.

Also, check out here video, there is foul language used, so beware.