After Playboy announced back in October that they were doing away with their nude pictorials, everyone wondered who would be the magazine's final model. We now know the answer.

Actress Pamela Anderson will be the last person to ever pose nude for Playboy in their January/February 2016 issue, according to InForum.

Anderson has appeared on the cover of Playboy a whopping thirteen times, more than any other model in the magazine's history. She made her first appearance in the magazine's October 1989 issue.

Since then, Anderson has become one of the biggest celebrities in the world. She's been a TV star, a movie star, and one of the first celebrity sex tape stars, along with former husband Tommy Lee.

The reason Playboy is getting away from the nude pictorials is quite simple: free online pornography. Instead of paying to see naked women in a magazine, people can just jump online and Google until their head's explode, literally and figuratively.

Playboy's final nude pictorial, featuring Pamela Anderson, will hit newsstands on December 11th.