The coronavirus is here to stay, that's pretty obvious to me, BUT for how long? I think that's what most people want to know. The time for "Staying at home" is running thin. There are those that are downright upset, claiming that "we need our freedom back". Some will say that this whole thing has been some kind of scam, a political, worldwide hoax to control people. I'm going to make an assumption that 321,998 CONFIRMED deaths as of today - May 19th, 2020- is NOT an elaborate ploy. We are seeing signs of life slowly coming back, restaurants opening their doors to the public, people are starting to be out and about once again. We are thirsting for entertainment again, like going to the movies, or what used to seem so normal, like an outdoor concert, or a baseball game.

One of the most spectacular events is always the Navy's Blue Angels and the Air Force Thunderbirds precision flying. Lately these two forces have been quite busy, bringing 92 shows across the country, with one goal in mind - to show support for the healthcare workers. An amazing gesture of respect, right? Well,that's not how one COVID-19 doctor looks at it. A current article from The U.S. SUN has captured many moments of frustration from an ER doctor ( who goes by Dr Bill ). He is incensed that the amount of money it takes to put on these shows - estimated around five million dollars - can be, and should be used towards immediate use, such as better equipment, food etc. The irate ER man also believes that the whole fly-by-night shows are strictly a way of making President Trump look good. For more on this story click here.


Coronavirus Pandemic: Which Tours and Festivals Are Canceled (and Not)?