It's great when you go to a bar that you feel comfortable with. It's even better when you feel the bar is watching out for you. 

I was at Lucky's Bar and Grill Saturday night and it was fun. We were playing jukebox roulette, the Jameson's were going back pretty smooth and before you know it it was closing time. As I walked out the door to call an Uber I was warned by one of the staff members that police were lurking.  So I got in the Uber and went home.

The next day when I went to get my car, I saw this on the windshield.

luckys 1 Iphone

What a great idea! Not only am I happy now that I took the Uber, but I feel like my new home court bar is watching out for me.

According to Betsy one of the workers at the bar the card was the brainchild of the owner and it was implemented about 3 months ago with great results. 

Hopefully more establishments follow this lead.