North Dakota State University released a statement Sunday, August 30th, claiming that a Montana fan grabbed the facemask of running back Chase Morlock during the post-game celebration.

At approximately the 2:53 mark in the video above, which was posted by InForum, you can see a fan in a maroon shirt confronting Morlock.

After attempting to walk away from the fan, Morlock is seen pushing the fan away. It is a bit difficult to see, as there are players and fans all over the field, but if you keep your eyes on the left side of the screen, you should be able to pick out the confrontation.

According to InForum, the statement from NDSU said the following:

Morlock did not throw a punch, but did push the individual away to continue exiting the field. Morlock will not face suspension or other punishment from NDSU for this incident.

NDSU was upset by the Grizzlies 38-35 in Missoula on Saturday, August 29th, on a last second touchdown run. The Bison will return home for their next game, against Weber State, on Saturday, September 12th.