Hello Grand 22 Theatres ( spelled that way on their marquee ), I made my way there last Saturday. What drove me ( besides my 2001 Chevy Impala that goes 0-60 in six and a half minutes ) was my love for basketball and a thirst for an inspirational message. I saw the movie trailer months ago for 'The Way Back' and knew right then and there, that I would be munching on butter popcorn on a cold March North Dakota afternoon.

I found the movie rather slow moving ( even with all the basketball scenes ), I so wanted this picture to make me FEEL something. The main actor, Ben Affleck, was his usual nothing-spectacular. This blog is not intended to spoil anything, so I won't. I just    wanted you to know that about an hour in, incidents took place that were so accurate ( especially in my past ), that took my breath away. I could relate to what was being played out on the big screen, and suddenly basketball was a distant second. Ben Affleck acted out and no doubt re-lived some tortured times of his own. The final five minutes was worth the admission, and left me even more motivated.