A 21-year old Minot man was treated for his injuries after he snuck into the Roosevelt Park Zoo Saturday night, May 21st, and was bitten by a bear.

According to a press release from the Minot Police Department, David Shepard and 23-year old Kody Nelson Kage were under the influence of alcohol when they climbed the fence surrounding the Roosevelt Park Zoo.

While walking the zoo grounds, Shepard came across the bear enclosure and attempted to coerce the bear to come closer to him by sticking his arm through the bars. The bear, as bears tend to do, bit him.

Shepard was taken to the Trinity Hospital Emergency Trauma Center, where he was treated for his injuries. Police were also dispatched to the hospital, where they arrested Kage and charged him with criminal trespassing.

Due to his injuries, Shepard was not arrested, though a warrant for criminal trespassing will be issued.

You can see the full press release from the Minot Police Department, which they posted on Facebook, below:

[Minot Police Department]