Getting gifts at Christmas is pretty great, but what about getting a Christmas gift in the mail from a celebrity? That's, like, double great, right? One Wellesley, Massachusetts family realized that joy recently when a package showed up in the mail from none other than Tom Hanks!

Back in September, the de Peyster family saw Tom Hanks' movie California TypewriterThe movie profiles Hollywood stars who still use typewriters. Sounds fascinating. Well, it struck a nerve with the family, who used a typewriter to send Hanks a letter, requesting one of his typewriters. Sounds a little greedy, right? Well, low and behold, a few months later, a package showed up on their porch!

Inside the box was one of Hanks' personal typewriters which he autographed. There was also a note saying that by accepting the typewriter, he agreed that it had to be used once a week to write a letter to someone. If that was not done, the typewriter had to be returned.

While it's cool and all to get a gift from a celebrity, it sure seems like there are a bunch of strings attached! Who wants to sit around and type on a typewriter once a week? Who has that much to say? No one!

Source: NBC 4 New York