Do you feel as though North Dakota is a fairly safe place to live? According to a new study, North Dakota is just that… 'fairly safe.'

The website WalletHub went through several key metrics in every state including, the number of assaults per capita, to the unemployment rate, to road safety, and even losses due to severe weather.

This is a study of overall safety, not just crime rates.

According to the break down, North Dakota is the 20th safest state in the country. So North Dakota made the top half of the safest states but not by much.

North Dakota scored well in many categories though. North Dakota had one of the lowest unemployment rates tying with Nebraska for the top spot. North Dakota also was a state that had a fairly large population with a high percentage of 'rainy day funds.' It was the 4th best state in that category. Our state also had among the lowest losses from 'climate disasters.

However, North Dakota was dead last in terms of the most work place fatalities.

Check out the full rankings on the map below and the full breakdown and methodology over at WalletHub.

Source: WalletHub

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