The hottest Playboy girls of 2013 have arrived.

Our friends at Playboy are already helping us out by unveiling some of the hottest Playboy girls of 2013. The legendary magazine never fails us; they waste no time discovering the world’s unknown hotties and bringing their faces (and then some) to the world.

Our favorite thing about the hottest Playboy girls is the diversity of hotness. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that it’s someone’s job to actually sift through photographs of gorgeous naked women – what did we do wrong in life? Oh wait, we do that, too. What did you do wrong, dear reader? We forgive you.

From Playmates of the Month to Cybergirls to past Playmates who are sure to have another hot year in 2013, let’s take a glance (read: long, drooling stare) at some of the hottest Playboy girls of 2013, shall we?

Karina MarieJanuary 2013 Playmate of the Month


Reigning supreme as January 2013’s ‘Playmate of the Month,’ Karina Marie isn’t just an attractive face and body; though she is definitely those things. This England-born hottie graced her first magazine cover at the age of seventeen, and has gone on to appear in the likes of GQ, Elle and Arena as a model. Oddly enough, when she isn’t being paid to take her clothes off as a nude model, she enjoys buying clothes. We usually like to encourage hobbies, but this one seems counter-productive.

Shawn DillonFebruary 2013 Playmate of the Month


Here's a sneak peek at ‘Playmate of the Month’ for February, you're welcome. Shawn is an admirer of the sea. She says she ‘loves being in the water more than anything,’ and it’s safe to say that we’d love to be in the water with her. While we might disagree with her in the idea that fishing is an enjoyable activity (zzzz...),  we’re sure we can think of a couple of things to do, should we ever find ourselves on a boat together.

Ashley DorisMarch 2013 Playmate of the Month


St. Patrick’s Day just got a little bit better thanks to 2013’s March ‘Playmate of the Month,' Ashley Doris. At just 23, Doris easily makes the cut as one of the hottest Playboy girls of 2013. Maybe it’s her alluring stare, her long, inviting locks, or those black heels she donned during her Playboy shoot, but we’re hoping to see more of Ashley as the year progresses.

Pamela HortonOctober 2012 Playmate of the Month


Despite the fact that most gamers we know are bloated, pizza-stained single dudes, apparently there are some gamers who look like this ‘World of Warcraft’ addict. Dont worry; just because Pamela was a 2012 playmate doesn’t mean she’s done -- quite the contrary. Whether it be through her already successful modeling career or her multimedia art, Pamela’s future is surely bright, not to mention insanely sexy.

Britany NolaNovember 2012 Playmate of the Month


At just 21 years old, Britany Nola has us convinced that she is one of the hottest Playboy girls of 2013. Miss November 2012 has to be one of the sexiest Playboy girls ever, and 2013 is sure to be her breakout year. According to Playboy’s site, Nola’s got a thirst for a man with passion and intelligence; one who makes her question everything. In short: get reading, fellas.

Amanda StreichDecember 2012 Playmate of the Month


Good Lord! Apparently we should be spending more time in Eastern Europe, because Amanda Streich is a rare find. Miss December 2012 is just 19 years old, and began her modeling career about two years ago. Since her start, Amanda’s worked spots with Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein and Shape Magazine – we can see why. While her body and face are flawless, there’s just something about those eyes that puts her on our list of hottest Playboy Girls of 2013.

Sascha AleksanderCybergirl


Yes, please, we’d love some more of Sascha Aleksander! As one of Playboy’s crazy sexy Cybergirls, Sascha comes from Santa Monica (though her accent says otherwise). We’re hoping to see her bumped up from Cybergirl to Playmate very soon. We swear it has nothing to do with her ‘Two Shots of Love’ video on

Jessie AnnCybergirl


This Playboy hottie has appeared on as both a Cybergirl and an amateur, and both of those links are saved directly to our desktop, possibly forever. She has one of the tightest bodies we’ve ever seen, something that is going to make her 2013 one hell of an enjoyable year. That tattoo on her ride side doesn’t hurt matters, either. The hottest Playboy girls of 2013 just got hotter thanks to Jessie.

Lauren VolkerCybergirl


Amateur and Playboy TV star Lauren Volker has a whole list of things that make her sexy enough to qualify as one of the hottest Playboy girls of 2013; and we’re not even just talking about her looks!  Beauty aside, Volker is an Australian born 21-year-old who enjoys movies, junk food and sex; she’s also looking for a man. If you’re a guy who enjoys movies, junk food and sex (read: if you are alive), you just might have a chance! (You don't.)

Dani MathersCybergirl


Not only is Dani Mathers a sexy Cybergirl for Playboy, she’s also worked as the company’s TV reporter, recently reporting live at the Playboy Mansion’s kick-off celebration of Sports Award Week. From the video it looked as if the athletes had no qualms about talking to her, she must have made them feel comfortable. She also interviewed two members of Korn. Yes, Korn. Remember them?

Shelby NicoleCybergirl


They say blondes have more fun. Well, we don’t know if that’s true but we sure as hell wouldn’t mind testing the theory with Shelby! This Playboy Cybergirl raises eyebrows (among other things) in her ‘Just For You’ video on According to the site, she’s earned herself four out of five bunnies. Way to get those bunnies, honey.

Kendall RayanneCybergirl


Last-but-in-no-way-least on our list of the hottest Playboy girls of 2013 is Kendall Rayanne. Kendall has been featured on multiple times as a Cybergirl, and might just have herself a breakout year in 2013. If her curves have anything to say about it, she’s aiming to shoot up to the top of the list, right quick.