There are several things that are just sacred, we all know what they are. They are all seasonal, safe, and loaded with tradition. Let's take halloween for instance, is this a day/night that you and your family take note of? The act of trick or treating still happens, but it's way more subdued. The kids are taken to a mall, and they hit up the local stores for free candy. Safe for the most part. The wonderful time of christmas, the pageantry of lights, caroling, and santa claus! Who hasn't sat on the chubby man's lap?

These are all wonderful moments we cherish as we grow up. The excitement of Easter! The hunt for eggs, spending time with our loved ones at church, and at home. The thought of anyone casting evil spells on such a blissful day seems impossible, unheard of. I mean, WHO would ever pull a gun on the Easter bunny? The combo of beer and immoral values propelled a lunatic to do exactly that. I wish I could say I made this all up. HOP to it and check it out yourself by clicking here.

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