The coronavirus has destroyed our economy, ruined businesses, padded the unemployment statistics to plummeting low. The orders are set, all over the country-"STAY HOME", "STAY 6 FEET AWAY".The virus has reared it's ugly head and killed thousands. Schools are shut down, sports is done, entertainment is nil. Yet somehow there are still smiles, families holding on to one another. Evidence is all around.

On a muggy, cloudy Thursday midday, Rockin' Rick from US 103.3, Scott McGowan-Cool 98.7, Kori B from Hot 97.5, and myself ( Bromo-96.5 The Fox ) took our separate station vehicles, and off we went. A birthday tour throughout the city of Bismarck, like a scavenger hunt, Kori had a handful of listeners addresses-our mission-to wish several youngsters a special "Social Distance Happy Birthday!".

I can tell you first hand, that the spirit and joy were shining through the murky clouds, our horns honked loud as we pulled into each happy driveway-Rockin' Rick had gifts for all. Sorry, there corona, even your pesky annoying self could not taint this day of birthdays!