A well rounded athlete is taught to push themselves to their limit. To excel in sports is to WIN. Losers are thought to be weak, and disregarded by all. Coaches take pride in championships, to mold their players into winners. I mean, let's be serious, how many of us go to a game just to watch a sporting event-and not care of the outcome? I think the answer to my last question would be "Not many".

We have fond memories of a game winning field goal, or someone throwing for five  touchdowns etc, and leading their squad to a mighty victory. Last Wednesday night, a high school junior goalie left a memory for ALL spectators that will last a lifetime. This young man, in an instant, became what I feel is a true hero. He made it a priority to skate over to console the losing player, when the game came to a sudden end.

Sportsmanship is such a valuable tool to possess. Please, do yourself a favor and watch the short video, read more on this, and hope we all can experience more of the sheer magic that happened on the ice. For more, click here.