"Hey Batter Batter, Swing Snot Otter". That's the kind of chatter you'll hear when you are watching a baseball game in Harvey, ND. No, it's not a form of an insult, it's actually their nickname. This scrappy team is not suffering from runny noses, the Snot Otter's are hungry and determined to capture a regional championship in the Independent league. Now I ask you this if you are on an opposing team, facing Harvey, how tough would it be to focus on their pitcher when all you want to know is what a "Snot Otter" is? After doing some quick research, our good friend Google has this: The hellbender—sometimes called a “snot otter”—is a large, fully-aquatic amphibian with a flat head, wrinkled body, and paddle-shaped tail. ... Hellbenders typically live under large rocks or boulders that are partially buried in cold, fast-flowing streams. -  Now that should be enough motivation for anybody!

Staying on the topic of obscure sports nicknames, fairly close to home, we have the Moorhead High School Spuds - or how about the dangerous UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs? I remember as a kid, that all the little league teams had traditional baseball names, like the powerful Yankees, the Tigers were always tough, and my least favorite - Dodgers ( I'm from San Diego, I hate every Los Angeles team.

I applaud the out-of-ordinary nicknames, I guarantee you'll never ever forget the day your bland old White Sox gets pummeled by the Jordan Beetdiggers 35-0. So let's all get on board the Harvey Snot Otter bandwagon and root them on to victory! For more on the Snots click here. For more wacky team nicknames click here.