Classic rock was everywhere during the series finale of 'The Office' last night (May 16), with Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty all contributing music to the show's climactic wedding.

A string version of Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child o' Mine' accompanies Angela Martin down the aisle for her wedding to beet farmer / newly crowned office boss Dwight Schrute. After they exchange vows (while standing in miniature versions of their future graves) Motley Crue takes over for the couple's first dance with the obscure but appropriately titled 'Angela,' from their 1991 'Decade of Decadence' collection.

From there it was onto Tom Petty and then finally Bruce Springsteen's 'Rosalita.' It seems in real life "the Boss" may have been watching, as he (or someone in his camp) tweeted "Good choice for Dwight & Angela's wedding reception."

Schrute was also shown rocking out in a parking lot with the office's partyhound Meredith to the music of Motorhead. Finally, in a creative blending of fiction and reality, the show's most mysterious character, Creed Bratton, is revealed as a former member of real-life band the Grass Roots. Bratton is played by an actor also named Creed Bratton, who really was in the group during their '60s heyday.