Every city has their own 'iconic' restaurant, but, in the entire state of North Dakota, the most legendary is located in Grand Forks.

Our friends over at Thrillist recently put together a list of the most iconic restaurants in every state (and Washington D.C.). In North Dakota, the most iconic restaurant is Red Pepper, located in Grand Forks.

Here's what Thrillist had to say about Red Pepper:

Described even by the owner as a "classic hole in the wall", the Red Pepper has satisfied UND students' late-night cravings for 40+ years. And basically nothing about it has changed in that time... kinda like Susan Sarandon's face. The Grinder -- a strange mash-up of white sauce, lettuce, hot sauce, swiss, and taco meat, plus either ham, salami, or turkey -- is what's ordered here more than anything else.

To learn more about Red Pepper, visit their official website HERE.

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