Sometimes some of the best things in life are free, or relatively painful when it comes to your wallet. Here are some cool things to see and do without taking a beating $. Bismarck's own North Dakota State Capital Building. We see it every day, on our way to work, but have you ever taken the time to go on a free tour? They have many throughout the weekday, and what a view when you're at the top floor. North Dakota's talking building, you have access to the House and the Senate. Check out the beautiful marble decor. You don't have too far to go for your next outing - The Heritage Center. A free journey through their museum and standing proud outside rests the Buffalo Statue.

Take a long walk along the Missouri River and maybe you'll run into someone you know about ready to take off on a pontoon. If you have a passion for historical sites, then stop by Former Governor's Mansion State - located at 320 East Avenue. Inside you will come across some unique rooms which feature such exhibits of restoration and some furniture used by past governors. Families from chief executives from 1893 to 1960 enjoyed living there.

Make sure you take the time to visit Camp Hancock - 101 East Main Avenue. While you're there you'll see a church that was built in 1881 and a good old fashioned steam locomotive. Camp Hancock was built as a military supply post in 1872 ( this was before Bismarck ).

The charm of Bismarck is there for you to take in and experience. For more on this click here.




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