A discussion about superstitions and if they're real or not.  

So tomorrow/today will be Friday the 13th in town and while I'm not superstitious, I will shine the spotlight on some of the superstitions that exist:

  • Touching wood. - That's Kinda weird I thought knocking on wood was good luck ... man what an Idiot I am.
  • Blessing someone when they sneezed: I thought that was the courteous and Christian thing to do no wonder I'm friggin curesd.
  • Avoid eating cheese before bed. Dude, I'm so done man, I do this every night, I'm learning so much about myself right now.
  • Avoid lighting 3 cigarettes with one match. -Yeah never done that whew!
  • Carrying a lucky rabbit's foot around with you.-Nope I'm good!
  • Never giving gloves as a present  - I've literally received gloves for the last five Christmases now I totally know why crap happens to me.

After being totally confused with this list, I went back to the source and found out that these are superstitions in the UK which ironically are the opposite in the United States. I think that proves my point on how these things can be somewhat questionable. Heres the source so you can see for yourself.  The Sun UK

Happy Friday the 13th!