This is a situation we all have come across at one point or another, someone expresses their views, opinions, their hatred. We either choose to listen without getting swallowed up in their dribble-drabble or just the opposite - voicing what we think is right, only fueling the fire that they set. There are some people who know exactly what they are doing, making controversial comments that they know will get them publicity. Meet Dianna Ploss - she HAD a radio show in Nashua, N.H. for over two years. This was a talk show that she hosted and that she spent money on ( she paid for the air-time ). Dianna chose to reveal her small-minded self last Friday, while on the air, she told her audience that on the way to work, she came across a landscaping crew out on the street. The supervisor was speaking to his workers in Spanish, Ploss took out her smartphone and started recording a video. She engaged a conversation with the crew and the man in charge, point-blank asking "Why are they speaking Spanish?" This is America, is anybody here illegal?". Did she plan on keeping this video private? Heck no, she planted it firmly on Facebook for all to see.

Well, what happened a mere two days later came as to no surprise, WSMN posted a statement Sunday that her services were no longer needed. In a Facebook post - Morin’s Landscaping said it best “I believe that we can all take immense pride in how quickly the community rallied to demonstrate that this type of behavior is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”. Has Ploss shown any signs of regret or shame? Absolutely not. She posted a statement on FB telling all of us to - "Get out of my way, I have a country to save".

Freedom of speech is NOT to be taken advantage of, it is everyone's right to be opposed, to vent, to share positive things, to question what is right or wrong, Freedom of speech can also be monitored and can be handled in the most absolute correct fashion as her former employers chose to do, and thank God for that. For more on this story click here.



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