It was a great afternoon yesterday on the Missouri River as the first rock party hit the water. 

Kristen' team was called diversity and what a diverse team it was.  As we hung out during our live broadcast at the Drink at Lakewood there was an air of anticipation and fun.  The cool thing about this motley crew of partiers was their knowledge of the crazy party spots all over the river.

The Sand Bar, Marine bay and others were just scratching the surface of where we could go.  We settled on Marine bay, where we witnessed a mini aqua palooza of pontoons and speedboats tied together forming a nice afternoon party. It was so difficult to leave!!  The Quest Pontoon we were on by Open Water Marine was perfect for this trip. The lavish couches and decor almost felt like we were in a swanky champaign festival in Miami. If not for the North Dakota niceness of our guests and of course the surroundings did we know we were on the Missouri River.

The one thing I learned from this trip is the whole culture of pontoon society that exists here in Bismarck and the idea of hanging on the river on a nice afternoon, rocking some tunes and enjoying beverages makes me wish that summer will never end.

The next winner will be called this Thursday at 5pm.

Here are the photos below: