I posed this question on our radio station facebook page recently.  The responses were both overwhelming, and hilarious at the same time.  I literally was busting gut reading some of the answers from our very clever fans and listeners.  Let's face it, it takes a special kind of person to live in the Rough Rider state.

One of the answers that stood out to me right away was, "You can use the air conditioner and heater in the same day!"  Yep, that's our state with huge temperature swings, that can happen sometimes in a 24 hours or less.  I've seen 70's followed by snow at night.  It happens.  (Click on the link to see all the great responses)


Here's another clever one. One things for sure, if you have a 4 wheel drive pick up, you're ALWAYS expected to make it in to work.

Rick Rider

I decided to get in on the fun, by one of my simple observations.  "We wear shorts when it's above 50 degrees!"  I was quickly put in my place, when a listener corrected me with "30 degrees."  Come to think of it, I've seen people in North Dakota wear shorts in colder weather than that, so we're both wrong.

Rick Rider

I've lived in North Dakota for all of my life, except for a short stint in California in the early 90's.  I was shocked when more than one person I met in California thought North Dakota was part of Canada???  Yep, seriously.  They had no idea?!

So how about you?  How would you describe you're from North Dakota without directly saying it?  By the way, ever hear of a "slush" burger?  It's a "Sloppy Joe" or "BBQ", more North Dakota isms.



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