Did the Philadelphia Eagles make a mistake trading up to get former North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz in the NFL Draft? One ESPN host seems to think so. During the August 24th episode of ESPN First Take, host Max Kellerman makes the case that the Eagles gave up way too much for an unproven prospect like Wentz:

But, in this case in particular, you don't give up all that stuff, unless you feel like this is a generational talent or at least a once-in-a-several-years type of player. Carson Wentz is a typical one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the draft. Those guys are there every single year.

For those that don't remember, the Eagles traded the number eight overall pick in this year's draft, which the Tennessee Titans used on offensive tackle Jack Conklin, along with third and fourth round picks this year. They also gave up a first round pick in 2017 and a second round pick in 2018. Kellerman's co-host, the always good for a sound bite Stephen A. Smith, had this to say about Wentz:

But, based on what they tell me, and based on what you all describe, as you look for what you need in a quarterback, I think that the jury is still out and I think there's no reason whatsoever to believe that the Eagles have made a mistake yet. Whether or not that remains to be seen, we'll find out.

After Smith rattled off all the reasons why drafting Wentz wasn't a mistake, NFL analyst Damien Woody agreed with him. You can see the entire exchange in the video above. During his first preseason game, Wentz injured his ribs, limiting his playing time for the Philadelphia Eagles. Wentz is expected to return for the team's final game of the preseason. [YouTube]